Jocelyne MONTY

Jocelyne MONTY

2006 Social Social

Jocelyne Monty decided to get actively involved in the community. In 2000, she accepts to Chair the fundraising campaign for Partners for life – a provincial tour to make teens between the ages of 14 and 18 aware that depression is a risk factor in suicide, she knew it was essential to demystify mental illnesses because there are still too many taboos surrounding them. For this engaged woman, it is important to make a link between mental illnesses and suicide. She is also preoccupied with the relevance of knowing the forerunner signs of depression to treat efficiently young depressives by diagnostic and an appropriate pharmaceutical intervention.

Her charisma has enabled her to convince several generous people from her network to join the program.  During the first stage of the Partners for life’s fundraising campaign from 1999 to 2001, she gathered more than $3 000 000, exceeding the objective. Very persuasive, this woman who seeks authenticity and balance, succeeds in making a convincing argument that she skilfully ties to the needs and expectations of the donators and sponsors.

Coming from an environment where education was seen to be of great importance, she later organized an information session on adolescence for a group of women who had expressed an interest. This initiative, with its many testimonies, is proof that, depression amongst adolescents could have been ignored and considered as a teenage crisis.  Since then, she has been investing herself in making people aware of depression as a risk factor in suicide and of the necessity of identifying it and exploring new avenues to counter it.

Since April 2002, it is as Chair of the Mental Illness Foundation that Jocelyne Monty has been putting her energy to break the taboos surrounding mental illness. Her greatest desire: “That one day we live in a society that shows tolerance and understanding toward people with mental illness.”

On October 4 2005, Jocelyne Monty was honoured with the Champion of Mental Health Awards (Community) of the Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health (CAMIMH) for her exceptional contribution to the cause of mental illness.