Jean-V. Dufresne 1930-2000

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A native Montrealer, Jean-V. Dufresne turned to journalism at a very young age.

In 1951, he was already working as a reporter for the daily La Patrie and as a news editor at CKAC. He gave up journalism to spend some time in Europe in the mid-1950s and began studying translation to English; at the same time, he was teaching English and editing the magazine Pakistan at the Embassy of Pakistan in Paris.

Upon his return to Québec, after a brief stint at La Presse, he made a quick foray into Québec politics as minister’s secretary. He very quickly returned to his original profession, where he would remain, working in both print and electronic journalism: in 1961, he began working for the Nouveau Journal and then became editorial secretary for Maclean's magazine. From 1964 to 1968, he would in turn be editor and parliamentary correspondent for Le Devoir. Later he would work in electronic media as a reporter for Radio-Canada/CBC‒ radio and television ‒both for the French and English networks.

After two years as a reporter at the Montreal Star, Jean-V. Dufresne became a freelance journalist and tried his hand at the delicate job of columnist for Montréal Matin, from 1975 to 1980. He then moved from dailies to periodicals as editor and editor-in-chief of L'actualité, before working as a reporter and host of the show Présent, on Radio-Canada. He also managed the cultural pages for Le Devoir and became a daily columnist, much to the delight of readers of his lively, caustic prose. He stayed involved in the electronic media as a host at CIEL MF.

Mr. Dufresne received the Union canadienne des journalistes Prize in 1964 and has been a member of the academy of Great Montrealers since 1978.

Sources: Conseil de la langue française and Mémoires du Québec